Join the Anti Broke Barbers Tour in a city near you presented by A-list Celebrity barber Jc Tha Barber and  Multi -Barbershop Owner and Barber Manager Rey Brotherhood. Educating barbers on how to take your career, service and brand to that elite level. Proving their insight on the business of barbering which will help anyone grow as barber, stylist, business owner and or student in one of the most profitable industries to be apart of. This club will cover this list of topics + more.


+ Techniques to Increase Revenue 

+ How and when to raise your prices

+ Attracting High-end Clients 

+ How to increase prices without losing clientele

+ Brand Development

+ Barber Presskit & Pricing

+ Barber/shop Domain names & websites

+ Some of our favorite tools to use on Booking apps

+ Personal Insight on how work in the corporate industry

+ Services to add that can set apart from just a basic barber

+ Exercises on redirecting and shifting your mindset for end results

+ more!


Limited spots available

All Sales are Final