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Anti Broke Barbers Club

Barber Shield

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Introducing the Anti Broke Barbers Club Barber Shield: Redefining the Barbering Convenience.

Elevate your barbering game with the innovative Barber Shield tools holster. Crafted for the modern barber, cosmetologist and stylist. This essential shield seamlessly combines functionality with comfort, ensuring effortless access to all your tools while prioritizing your well-being during those marathon hours in the shop.

The Barber Shield revolutionizes your workspace, providing mobility without sacrificing efficiency.

Experience the Benefits:

  • Time is Money: Barbers will save time on every haircut. Utilize this time to schedule more clients, refine your craft, or introduce additional services, ultimately boosting your revenue.
  • Clutter-Free Station: Keep your workstation organized and clutter-free by storing your most frequently used tools close to your chest.
  • Professional Style: Make a statement with The Barber Shield's professional and stylish look, catching the eyes of your clients and showcasing your dedication to your career.


  • Eco-friendly Vegan Leather: Crafted with durability and social consciousness in mind, The Barber Shield utilizes vegan leather that is resistant to bleach and alcohol.
  • Tactical Metal Buckles: Quick-release buckles make for easy on-and-off functionality, ensuring convenience without sacrificing security.
  • Double-Layered Logo Nylon Straps: Enjoy even weight distribution and maximum comfort with The Barber Shield double-layered nylon straps.
  • Premium Grade Elastic Webbing: Keep your tools secure with long-lasting elasticity, ensuring they stay in place throughout your busiest days.
  • The Barber Shield includes a 10-piece barber tools holder, offering easy access to your products in a sleek black design adorned with logos on the chest, back and straps. 
  • Adjustable to fit any size.

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